MLK Poetry Contest

Twelfth Baptist Church Christian Education Ministry
2019 MLK Essay and Poetry Contest

The Twelfth Baptist Church Christian Education Ministry is
proud to announce our Martin Luther King Essay and Poetry
Contest. We encourage all young people in grades Kindergarten to grade 12 to submit an essay or poem that answers one of the following questions.
Choose One:

  1. Has Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s. Dream come true?
  2. How do the words and actions of Dr. Martin Luther
    King Jr. inspire you?
  3. Were the things that Dr. Martin Luther King fought for
  4. What cause do you think Dr. King would fight for today?

All entries are due in the Central Office by Sunday January 6, 2019.

The winner will receive a special prize and be recognized on Sunday January 13th during morning worship service.

Rev. Arthur T. Gerald Jr., Senior Pastor
Bro. Eric Gonshan, Chairperson